Baking Adventures in Paris

When holidaying in France, we all want to immerse ourselves in France's fabulous food and wine culture. In particular, patisserie and baked goods call to us from every shop window, reminding us that they are the very epitome of the French culinary tradition. Imagine being able to reproduce these iconic tastes whenever you choose.

Local Produce.

One of the great joys of cooking is to spend time sourcing and tasting fresh local food and ingredients. In Paris, with it's wealth of historic artisan suppliers and producers, you can spend many happy hours just browsing and sampling local food. At home, it is unlikely that you would walk around the streets eating a loaf of bread, but is there anything more French than walking around Paris munching on a freshly baked baguette?

Learning to Bake.

Wine tasting internship

When holidaying in Paris, you have the fantastic opportunity to learn how to bake French classics in the food capital of the world. Imagine being able to bake baguettes and croissants at home, keeping your food adventures going long after the holiday is over. English language baking classes in Paris are a great choice for visitor to the city who want to develop their skills. At LeFoodist, you can take part in classes tailored to all aspects of French baking, from baguettes to croissants and patisserie.

More delicious than bread?

As delicious as French bread is, it is just a part of France's baking heritage. Tartes, macarons, eclairs, cream puffs - the list is endless. English language baking classes are available to teach you everything you need to know to make your own delicious and authentic patisserie. Surely there is no better experience than learning to bake French goods in the very heart of France's food capital, by taking part in a baking class in Paris.